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An Educational Hybrid Cloud System Virtualization ( Research )

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An Educational Hybrid Cloud System Virtualization ( Research )

The domain of the Project:  
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Operating System
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Development
  • Android
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Problem Statements:

To develop a cost-effective and robust hybrid architectural design with the assistance of cloud facilities that accommodates the key components of An Educational Hybrid Cloud System (LMS). This concept once materialized may serve as an educational hub for potential learners incorporated with a healthy learning environment contributing to an individual’s growth.

Research Leader: Abdul Aziz, Iftikhar Uddin Mansoor Jilani

  • Group I- Physical Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence:
    • Fauzan Azhar (MCT, Architect Expert)
    • Syed Owais Ur Rehman (MCT, Architect Expert)
    • Farzeen Abdul Aziz (MCT, Azure Admin)
  • Group Ia– Physical Infrastructure, Networking:
    • Abdullah Alam (MCT, Azure Admin)
    • Jawad Arif (MCT, Azure Admin)
  • Group II – Data Scientist:
    • Muhammad Arslan Khalid (MCT, Power BI)
    • Muhammad Dawer Khan
    • Zuhair Ul Haq (MCT, Power BI)
  • Group III – Web Development, Android:
    • Syed Jafar Abbas Naqvi (FCDMA, GCDM)
  • Group IV – Networking:
    • Syeda Isbah Zehra (MCT,Azure Admin)
    • Hamza Siddiqui (MCT,Azure Admin)
  • Group V – Digital Marketing:
    • Syed Jafar Abbas Naqvi, (FCDMA, GCDM)
    • Afaq Ahmed (MCT)

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