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Now a day where are you:
Perform administrative duties and curriculum designer in private organisation

Experience about CCNA training with Core Academy. This course was about 6 months but very informative and helped me alot in IT field. The content of this course is well organized and focused on practical applications. All the teachers are highly qualified, experienced and with professional approach, especially Core Academy Team support all students to achieve their best and help them at every step of learning. This course has left me with practical exercises that sharpen my skills regarding networking. I would highly recommend everyone to join Core Academy to make your career bright
Hudaiba Amir

Qualification : MBA
professional:Administrator, coordinator
Experience : 4 years
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Microsoft Certified Trainer

I am a student of Bachelorette at Quaid e Azam University Islamabad Pakistan. Core Academy has been a Vital source of Knowledge for me during the pandemic when it comes to learning skills related to Microsoft Office. I have learned Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint along with Outlook under the Guidance of Core Instructor. I plan on having a lifetime bond with Core Academy as it now feels like a family although I reside in Rawalpindi and my family resides in Karachi.
Huzaifa Bin Sohail

Qualification: Bachelorette
Professional: Freelancer
Experience: 2 years
Now a day where are you:
Finance Manager Akmal print house (Pvt.) Ltd.

It's amazing. Learn domestically by qualified trainer with international standards
Zuhair Ul Haq

Qualification: CPA (Pak), MBA, (Finance)
Professional: Tax consultant, Realtor
Experience: 12 years
Now a day where are you:

Melbourne - Australia - (working with Alternative Technology Association , Trading as Renew)

I joined Core Academy for taking courses in relation to Microsoft desktop & database applications. The training was delivered online mainly due to COVID-19 pandemic & lockdowns The training was fast, to the point and focused on self - practice too. This helped me ensure my concepts were stronger and added to my confidence. On top of all above, the cost charged is very affordable, compared this to fee charged by other training providers. Core Academy Instructors/Trainers are knoeldgeable, experts and very competent in subject they provide training for. I strongly recommend young students to join Core Academy, if they are interested to have skills in their IT field of choice.

Haresh Kumar

Qualification: ACMA, CPA (Australia)
Professional: Manager Finance
Experience: 18+ years